Sunday, April 29, 2012

Isn’t she lovely?!

Our first project in our new home is officially underway. We were supposed to be working in the kitchen first, but I got side tracked when I saw this baby on Craig’s List!


She is 8 feet of solid wood gorgeousness taken from an old Baptist church in Goliad, Texas.


The super-talented, oh-so-handy hubster is going to take it apart and cut it down so that it fits into the cut out in the wall. There is even some talk of sprucing up her finish, but she would look pretty in her natural state, too. He actually looks excited about working on this (compared to the looks of terror he gives me when I go on and on about painting the kitchen cabinets).


This was my inspiration photo from Pinterest. (I can’t figure out the original source because all of the links just lead to bloggers who are also posting it as an inspiration photo). I love how the lines on the one we found are so similar to the ones in the photo. I can’t wait to DIY **GYHTDIH a shelf like that to hang above it. I already have the set of walnut frames read to go!

** Get Your Husband To Do It Himself :)

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