Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend in Corpus

Brian is working, working, working. To avoid going insane, I planned a couple of trips for the kids and I. Corpus was a no-brainer. We miss the Collins family so much and time spent with them is always easy and fun.

We headed out on Saturday after Ben’s basketball game and got to Corpus that afternoon. From the minute we got there, the kids just played and played and played. They all got along so well. There were very few instances of refereeing, which is amazing when you consider we had 6 kids under 6 in the same house together for over 48 hours straight! Of course, it wasn’t all about the kids. Liz and I had some QT and watched a movie or two once the kids were in bed. (I will say that bedtime both nights was cah-razy. Getting that many kids fed, bathed, and settled down is nothing short of a miracle. I’m not sure how you do it Mrs. Duggar! :)

Right when we arrived, Avery told Grace that they were going to have their nails done. Liz was the nail technician.

Grace chose one color for her nails and a different color for her toes. Surprise, surprise.

Trying to be still and avoid smudges!

This is what these two did the entire time. Wrestling, wrestling and more wrestling.

Oh, and more wrestling. Why do boys think this is so funny?

These two seemed to be paying a little too much attention to their big brothers. Um, Aaron… Noah is pinning your son. Get off the phone.

Grace spent most of the weekend decked out in one of Avery’s many get-ups. She either had wings or a crown or a dress or a tutu. Sometimes all of the above.

Showing Noah how to check himself out in the mirror.

A little creepy.

This was my favorite outfit she tried on. She then acted the part of the shark by yelling and chasing down everyone in her path, including the college kids that were having YL meetings.

Bath time was somewhat of an assembly line. We just kept passing them to Aaron and he kept washing them. God bless him.

Smile if you’re clean!

Playing the drums. Rylan’s bottom was the drum.

Driving cars was a recurring them all weekend. This looks like a safe game.

The way these two drive, this wasn’t much safer.

She's going to drive for real one day. They're going to have to put me on medication.

You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

This little guy smiles so easily. You just have to look at him and he cracks up. Love it!

Some of Rylan’s smilies even rubbed off on Noah!
Thank you Aaron, Liz, Tanner, Avery & Rylan for inviting us down to play. We had a great time! Miss you already!

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