Thursday, February 2, 2012



Beaker has been cracking us up lately with the stuff she says. These are some of my recent favorites:

- “By my YOSE!” She means by myself. She always says this phrase with passion whether it’s something that she wants to do alone, or it’s something that she needs help with. For example, “I NOT go night-night by my yose!” or “I get my snack by my yose!”

- “Puhr-feck” She says this when I’m done fixing her hair. I didn’t realize it, but I guess when I finish getting her ready I say, “Perfect!” Now she says it before I do. She also says it before I’m finished if I’m taking too long.

- “Jus gurls” She’ll come and climb into bed with me, or sneak into my lap when no one else is around and she whispers “just girls”. Love it!

- “Come see my poop”. I know that’s gross, but it’s hysterical. She’s so proud of going poop in the potty. She goes in there and does her business all by herself, but then she runs to find us and offers us an invitation to check it out prior to the flush. She also likes to give us an inventory report. “Two poops. One big. One yittle.”

- She was in time out for doing something to Ben a couple of days ago, and while she was sitting there, she started apologizing to everyone she could think of. “I sorry, Bubba. I sorry, Noah. I sorry, Mommy. I sorry, Daddy. I sorry, Sweetie. I sorry, Paw Paw. I sorry, Grammy.” and so on. She must have felt REALLY bad. :)

- She sings constantly, and she picks up tunes VERY quickly. The other day, she was playing outside with her daddy, so I had Friends on while I was folding clothes (something that is typically not on when her little ears are around). She ran through my room to use the potty and when she was done, she ran back out singing, “Smelly cat… smel-ly cat!”

- She has very specific dislikes and reminds us of them frequently. For instance, “I no yike eggs”, “I no yike nanas”, “I no yike Cookie Monster”, and “I no yike chocolate milk!” Who doesn’t like Cookie Monster and chocolate milk? Weird, right?

- She is also generous with her praise when she sees something she does like. We visited my friend Kelly recently and I took her to the potty. As we walked into Kel’s bathroom, she exclaimed, “Ooohh… I yike dis bafroom!” She also took a shower with my Mom this past weekend and she told her, “Ooohhh… I yike dose boobies!” I think my mom nearly choked. My children have no social filters. We need to work on that.

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