Tuesday, April 1, 2008

‘Hawk Watch 2008

We let Ben’s Mohawk grow out during the winter months (figuring extra coverage = warmer head), but Spring is here and it’s time to bring it back!
A Mohawk can make you look really tough… especially when you pair it with a brush burn on your forehead. Don’t mess with this guy!
However, if your little guy is a sweetie to begin with, a Mohawk won’t change things. Ben demonstrates that he’ll never be too cool to plant wild flowers with his Daddy…
… or to share Cheerios with his puppy…
… or to sit in the lap of a sweet baby-sitter. This is “More Liz”. In our lives we have Liz (Tanner’s Mom) and “More Liz” (one of our wonderful babysitters).
Ben likes to keep things clear.
We also found, this time around, that sometimes you have to take the ‘Hawk up a notch. Sometimes it’s not enough to just have a strip of hair sticking up down the middle of your head.
Sometimes you need to paint that hair red.

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