Monday, December 3, 2007

College Life

Young Life has been a part of our lives since Brian and I met. I joined the O’Connor team in the Fall of 2001. Brian and I were dating then and he was an honorary leader whenever he was in town. Bri joined the team full time in 2004 when he moved to San Antonio and we got married. It is just a fun ministry – no one does outreach to high school kids the way YL does. Amazing, life-changing stuff.
The Spring before Ben was born, I stepped into the role of a part-time leader and just helped with Campaigners once a week. (Pregnancy + working full-time + going back to school were all taking their toll and I was WORN OUT). Brian finished out the semester, continuing to go to club and other activities. Once Ben was born, we both decided to take some time to just figure out how to operate as a family of three. It was nice to have the extra time, but we really missed ministry and being around our high school peeps.

When Ben turned 1, we were decided to get back in the game, this time working with college students. “College Life” took place on Sunday nights, and we had a blast getting to know students. We were asked to be small group leaders, so we welcomed a group of guys & girls into our house one night a week, too. These kids were a blast. They completely made themselves at home and I often had to kick them out when it got so late that I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore! We finished out our first semester with a fun Christmas party. Ben stayed up for part of the festivities. There was yummy treats and lots of laughs – it was an awesome way to finish off our first semester of College Life!

Bailey & Christina were my helpful little elves in the kitchen!

Andy was trying to spread some of his Christmas cheer to Joel, who looked a bit uncomfortable.

Speaking of uncomfortable, I think Ben was completely over this Christmas party. We also may need to retire those jammies… such a chunk!

It was so fun talking Jesus and life with these folks each week. It’s been a great semester!
Taylor, Bailey, Brian, Liz, Caleb, Andy, Joel & Christina

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