Monday, December 17, 2007

Britt & Holly’s wedding

We had the privilege of attending Britt Duke’s wedding this past weekend. Britt was Brian’s best friend in High School. He was a groomsmen in our wedding, and now, it was Brian’s turn to stand next to him while he said his “I do’s”.

Sadly, I have not a single picture of Britt and Holly from their special day. I’m guessing because I was spending so much time chasing after this little guy while Brian was performing his duties.

However, we did have the chance to get lots of family pics, as all of the Barricks were in attendance!

The brothers…

…and their brides.

Grammy was especially thrilled to get some extra Ben time!

Britt and Holly live in Waco, so we were able to stay at Brad & Jess’s house. We also got to visit Brad at his Fire Station the next day.

Climbing fire trucks is dirty business. I think this shirt is a goner.

Thank you for including us in your special day, Holly & Britt! Your wedding was so fun and sweet and we are so excited for your future as a married couple!

Love, The Barricks

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