Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas in Gilmer

We spent the Christmas holidays this year with Grammy & Grandad in Gilmer. Of course, the weather and the outdoors felt and looked a whole lot more like Fall than Winter. We didn’t complain too much, because we were able to spend lots of time outside enjoying the very comfortable temperatures!

We took lots of family photos while we were there. Here are the 4 generations on the Barrick side.

Not to be undone by the 4 generations on the Davis side.

And a big group shot… though Grandma Evelyn must have snuck inside.

There were some bonus extended family members, too! Ben was doted on all day by Katie & Lauren.

Even Sweetie decided to come over from Louisiana and spend the holidays with us… she just couldn’t resist being with her Ben on Christmas! 

Like I said before, Texas Winter aka Fall was in full swing. There were some of the hugest piles of leaves I’ve ever seen! I was a little worried Benji might get lost!

He was not worried at all, and entertained himself forever throwing leaves here, there, and everywhere.

He even talked Sweetie into some leaf pile fun. Throw them like THIS, Sweetie!

We had yummy food, enjoyed a great church service at First Baptist Gilmer, and then we opened up presents in true Barrick style – on Christmas Eve. That tradition is going to take some getting used to! ;)

Brian looked pleased as can be that present time was finally here!

I helped Ben open some of his presents.

He got the hang of things pretty quick, and he was soon taking matters into his own hands.

These blocks were definitely a hit! I don’t know what kind of silliness Grandad was up too, but Ben was grinning from ear to ear. Priceless!

Grandma Barrick was also happy to oblige Ben with a little game playing.
Ben & G'ma

It was a sweet Christmas with both sides of the family represented! We are so that Jesus came so many years ago so that we can walk with him today and have his presence and blessings covering our family! Merry Christmas!

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