Tuesday, March 12, 2013


When you read that title, you have to say it the way Rudy did on the Cosby Show when she was playing checkers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that makes me sad for you. ;)
Well, February has come and gone again. Bri worked tons of overtime at the Rodeo, like he does every year, and this year we used the extra funds to re-do our bedroom. I mentioned some of my plans for the master bedroom back in this post, along with a picture of the fabric that I got for my birthday back in August of 2011. Procrastinate much? After spending one or two or ten late, late nights sewing, I’ve finally finished the bedding. We found a great deal on a new bed from Wayfair.com (10% coupon + no tax + free shipping!!!). Our splurge was a new King sized Serta iComfort mattress. We LOVE it. The iComfort is the more economical version of the Tempurpedic. It comes with the same 25 year warranty as its more expensive counterpart, plus they’re supposed to sleep cooler. So far, we LOVE it. It’s super comfortable and SOOOO roomy!
The new bed and bedding are in place. We painted the boring beige walls an awesome color that a designer recommended to me – Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams. It’s a fantastic blueish-greyish-green, or greenish-greyish-blue… depending on the time of day. I am so happy with how it all came together. It is such a big change from what we had before even though we only changed out 1 piece of furniture and the bedding. (We’re still using most of our old accessories). Here are the pics of the big transformation:
This was our room at the old house. Our queen sized bed filled it up perfectly. 


When we moved into the new house, we kept everything pretty much exactly the same. It never looked quite right in the new room, though. We had a ton more space and I really wanted to bring in some more color (to the bed and the walls). Also, my beloved bedding was showing it’s age with bleach stains and a rip right on top. :(

So this is what we ended up with… ta da! (It's really hard to capture the paint color in these pictures - it's SOOOO pretty on the walls - it has a lot of depth.)
Even though we brought in more color and patterns, the room ended up feeling very light and airy.
I also love how we totally changed the look of the room, but I was still able to hang on to those little pops of red that make me smile so much!
The bedding was definitely a labor of love! That was a LOT of fabric to pass through my teeny little sewing machine.
This was the inspiration photo and the bedding that I was trying to recreate.

And this is what I ended up with using my fabric.  


My favorite part of the room are these three little faces that greet me each morning!
The new lamps are a close second. I may have kissed them goodnight a time or two.
I am so grateful for Bri’s hardwork - it is exciting to cross this project off our to-do/wish list. We would love to add moldings in here and change out the carpet sometime down the road, but for now the only thing on the agenda is to crawl into that ginormous comfy bed and enjoy it!

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