Thursday, December 20, 2012

Noah at 21 Months

Another 3 months has passed and my little Noah is quickly approaching that 2nd birthday! He is turning into a little man right before our eyes!
Speaking of eyes, this child has the most beautiful big brown eyes I’ve ever seen. His lashes go on for days and days. I can just stare at them all day long. Don’t get me started on his little dimples.
Noah has been very playful, both with us and other kiddos his age. He loves to run around the columns in the front room and chase and be chased by his brother & sister. He continues to climb into and onto anything and everything. He still hasn’t figured out how to get out of his crib yet, thank goodness!
His language is exploding. He will repeat pretty much anything you say, and he’s using more and more words in context. Just recently he’s added “cuppy” & “bear” along with lots of food words (“cheese” & “berry” are two of his favorites). Whenever he sees Ben he shouts “BEN!” but I haven’t heard him say “Grace” on his own. This does not surprise me.
Noah has started snuggling up on the couch with Ben & Grace for cartoon time. His favorite is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. He still loves balls & cars & his Rambo, but he is also becoming interested in playing with stuffed animals. He will gather up little friends into our play grocery cart (along with Rambo & his cuppy) and drive them around the house.
Noah got a new Elmo doll for Christmas, which he was really excited about until he got his finger stuck in Elmo’s mouth somehow. After that, he didn’t want anything to do with Elmo. Anytime he saw him he would say “Elmo – BITE”. They’ve since made up and Elmo spends quite a few nights in Noah’s crib, but he still calls him “Elmo Bite”. I guess it’s easier to forgive than forget.
My other favorite Noah story happened the other day when I was trying to change his diaper. Our little discussion went something like this:
Me: Noah, are you poopy?
N: Poooo-py
Me: Woo-wee you’re stinky.
N: Wooo-weee
Me: Ok, let’s go change your diaper.
N: (taking off full speed away from me) RUN! RUN!
Luckily he wasn’t too hard to catch since he ran straight into his closet. I had the smelly little guy cornered and we had a nice little laugh and tickle session before diaper time. He’s so sneaky!
I love Noah’s numerous expressions and mannerisms. I love how he struts and bounces around (my favorites are when he walks bent over when he’s trying to get away with something and when he walks like Godzilla when he has a full diaper).
He also has a really funny way of getting down the stairs.
Noah loves taking long afternoon naps and he is a bear if he gets woken up before he’s ready. His hair is finally growing in thicker. It curls up around his ears and in the back. We should probably cut it, but we’re trying to see if we can wait until he’s 2! We’re probably going to have to nickname him Shaggy before then.
I can’t believe that my next update will be on your 2nd birthday, little bug! I love playing with you, snuggling with you on the couch, and chasing you around before changing your diaper ~ you are one special little guy!
Happy 21 Months, Noah!

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