Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day!

The kids and I had fun celebrating Brian this Father’s Day. He picked out and bought his gift a little early ~ it was a new grill! Grace and Noah were excited about it!


Bri had to work on Father’s Day, but we were able to meet him for a yummy lunch at Tiago’s. When he came home, we gave him his cards and a little something that the kids and I put together for him.


I “interviewed” each of them individually and wrote down exactly what they said. (I had to interpret Noah’s answers. He spent most of our conversation chasing after a ball and searching for run-away cheerios underneath the kitchen table). It was so fun to hear what their little brains and hearts came up with.

This was Ben’s:

This was Grace’s:

And this was Noah’s:

I’d like to make this a tradition and add to his binder each year with the same (or a similar) questionnaire.

Because we’ve been doing a lot of painting around here (more on that later), I was able to give him an oversized Father’s Day greeting.

(Don’t you just love that terra cotta/coral color? No? That makes two of us!)

Happy Father’s Day, Babe. Your kiddos adore you – you are their hero and best friend! Thank you for all the ways that you show up for them and for being such a great partner in all of this parenting craziness! I love you!


  1. This might sound tacky...but do you have a template for these?

    1. That's not tacky, friend! I just made it in publisher - I can email you the pdf.

    2. I would love that! Thanks! :)