Monday, April 11, 2011

Outings with Daddy

For Ben and Grace, the Spring was filled with lots of outings with Daddy. I was supposed to be resting as much as possible before Noah was born, so Brian usually spent his weekends with the kids out of the house so I could get some rest. This continued after Noah arrived just to keep the kiddos from going stir crazy. Bri is so great about finding things for them to do. Sometimes he just takes them to the park or the zoo, and sometimes he looks on the Little Daily Planner to see if anything fun is happening around town. Here are some pics from a few of their adventures:
Feeding the ducks at the park behind the zoo
"Quack Quack Ducks" as Grace calls them
And playing on the playground
A little snotty, but having a great time!
This was some sort of robotics expo at
the convention center. When I asked
Brian how it was, he replied,
"Nerds, SOOOOO many nerds!"
Followed by the playground at Hemisfair Park
I love this picture of Ben with the
Tower of the Americas in the background!

Right after we came home from the hospital, Brian and my mom took the kids to Fiesta de los Ninos so that I could get some rest in a quiet house.

There were carnival rides...
and a parade...
and snow cones, of course!
Isn't our Daddy the best? In his Father's Day card this year, Ben wrote "Daddy, I love you because you take me to fun places!"

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