Saturday, April 16, 2011

Have seafood, will travel

It was Paw Paw Chuck’s turn to visit and meet the new addition. God bless him, he brought a ton of yummy Louisiana seafood with him. Ben has always liked fish and shrimp, but in the past, he has refused to try crabs or crawfish. Well, times, they are a-changin’, because he spent the afternoon with his Paw Paw in the garage and that boy put away some boiled seafood! If only he had learned to peel it, it would have made a bit less work for us! Thanks, Paw Paw, for driving out to spend some time with us, for helping around the house, and for the delicious grub!
It's good, in case any of ya'll were wondering.
Kisses from my sweet prince
Stealing some love from my Gracie - I'm guessing she had her guard up
because she wasn't sure what was going on with all of the
beady eyed creatures staring up at her.
At what age can you start eating crab?
I'm pretty sure it's not 1 month!
Those are some pretty crabs, Paw Paw!
A lesson in peeling
Crawfish attack!

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