Friday, July 16, 2010

Funny Grace

We are enjoying Gracie Belle's little personality more and more each day! She is a very silly little 14 month old. Just like her brother, she keeps us laughing all day long!

Who needs sippy cups when you can steal Mommy's water mug?
Aaaahhhhh! So refreshing!
She kept bringing me bows to put in her hair.
Then she sat down to read a book about tractors.
It is obviously very important to balance the girlie with the macho.
She also insists on having snacks at the big kids' table with Bubba.
CHEESE! (Literally & figuratively)
And finally, here she is with her new friend, Fievel. She found him in Bubba's room and has been carrying him around. He's as big as she is (actually, his head is twice as big as hers), but he does make for a cuddly bedtime buddy!

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