Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Nap Bandits

Naps are precious in our house and I've worked really hard to get the kids on a compatible nap schedule. Normally Grace naps from 9:30ish to 11:30ish, and then both kids take an afternoon nap around 1 or 2.

This was not the case on Saturday. Grace missed her morning nap because we went to a baby shower. I put her down right when we got home around 11:30. 30 minutes later, Ben came home from T-Ball practice. He had his lunch, we read a story, then he went to lay down at 1pm.

I had just enough time to rotate the laundry, when I hear little bit awake in her crib. Grrr... I knew this was going to happen. No down time for Mommy! Oh, well. Suck it up... moving on. I put Grace on the play mat with some toys while I made my lunch. She played for a few minutes, then wandered into the hallway. I brought her back. She played for a few more minutes, then wandered back into the hallway. She's going to wake up her brother, I think. But my lunch is getting cold. I'm hungry! I choose lunch. There she goes. She's whining and fussing because she can't get into her brother's room. Wait, no, she's quiet. It's really quiet. Why is it so quiet?
So I get up to check things out. Just as I stand up, I hear her squeal with delight and giggle. I walk into the hallway to find Ben's little fingers reaching under his door, wiggling away. She's slapping at them and cracking up. I run off to get the camera. Right before I get it turned on, he says, "Graaaa-aaaaace." She starts bouncing and clapping and laughing. I want to be annoyed, but they are just so pleased with each other. I let them be and walked away to finish lunch and clean things up. When I checked on them again, I found her surrounded by books that Ben was shoving under the door for her. OH MY WORD. Game over. Mommy - 0; Nap Bandits - 1.
I opened the door and turned her loose in her brother's room. Ben was so relieved to be rescued from nap time. Grace is just excited to be in her happy place - her bubba's room.

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