Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Kitty" Park

Grammy came to visit us during Spring Break, so we decided to take the kids on an outing. On Friday morning, we got an early start and headed to the zoo... along with everyone else in San Antonio and it's surrounding counties. FAIL.

OK, Plan B... Kiddie Park! Ben's only been once (almost 2 years ago) and he loved it - so we headed that way. Plus, it's literally around the corner from the zoo. Upon arrival, we found it wonderfully un-crowded (not surprising due to previously mentioned zoo invasion).

Grammy got a wrist band for Ben and off he went.
He went on the boats first.
Boating is to be taken very seriously, apparently...
Oh, hey guys! Check out my boat!
Airplanes were next....
Then the helicopters.
Where was Grace this whole time, you ask?
Well, getting spoiled with snuggles from Grammy...
And cutting up with Mommy...
And getting some quality time with Daddy...
I LOVE you, Daddy!
Waiting for Bubba to get off his favorite ride, the school bus.
I see him - he's coming around again! Hi, Bubba!

Finally, it was Grace's turn to get in on the fun.
Here she is on a helicopter ride with Ben.
He was so sweet to keep his arm around her the whole time!
Check out her hair - she's looking a little windblown. :)
Here they are riding the pony.
This thing nearly gave them both whiplash.
Grace enjoyed it more than Ben,
who had a very worried expression
on his face the whole time he was riding.
Despite the day starting on a sour note with the "Great Zoo Let Down of 2010" (in Ben's defense - this was the second time in under a week that a trip to the zoo had failed), we ended up having a great day! (Thanks so much, Grammy!) My favorite part happened as we were leaving. Ben said, to no one in particular, "I guess none of the Kitties wanted to go on rides today. Maybe they'll be here the next time we come." It was then that I realized that he thought we were going to the "Kitty Park" instead of the "Kiddie Park". Poor little guy had been on the look out for some "Merry-go-round" riding feline friends that never showed! Oh, my Ben, you never fail to make my heart smile!

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  1. Well it's about time we see a post from you. :) I remember Kiddie Park...loved it! Sorry the zoo was a fail again, it was packed when we went.

    P.S. I love Gracie's big bow. Can't make fun of me anymore (hehehehe). Unfortunately Lyla takes off all of her bows and headbands. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

    Hope to get together soon.