Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jumping for My Love

It was almost time for bed and I asked Ben if he wanted to have a dance party. He was being so cute that I got the video camera out. (See below). However, I very quickly found out that the time between dinner and bed is not neccessarily the best time to crank up the Pointer Sisters and get our groove on.

Here is Ben showing off his moves (so far so good):

When the song was over, he asked to "see". So I plugged the camera into the computer and he crawled up into my chair. He was standing in the chair as I started to play the video and I glanced up at him to see if he liked it. He had the weirdest look on his face. Like he was chewing something. "Ben, what's in your mouth?" Then his eyes get real wide and, wait for it.... he PUKES! All over me... over and over... and all I could do was just sit there! (It was all landing right in my lap, and if I had tried to move him it would have left a trail between the desk and the bathroom!) Dance Party Foul, Ben! Poor form - seriously!

So I had to wait until he was done, then, BRIAN HELLLPPP! Brian came running out of our room, scooped Ben up and put him in his bathroom. Then he brought me a towel and I had to try to wrap the towel around me and waddle to the tub so I wouldn't "spill". Let me tell you, this is not in any parenting book I've ever read! I don't know how I didn't lose my dinner while I was sitting there being used as a waste can. I guess when we become Moms, we are endowed with some sort of super-human high tolerance for the likes of spit-up, poop, etc. Who knew?

Anyway, I'm all cleaned up, I've disinfected the bathroom, and I'm not (much) worse for the wear. Lesson learned - save the 80's Pop/R&B for a time other than after dinner. Was the video worth it? The jury's still out.

Later, as I was putting Ben to bed I asked him if he felt ok... he had recovered quite quickly, was bouncing around his bed getting ready for a story and said "yep!" I said, "Did your tummy hurt before you threw up?" He said, "No, it didn't." So I thought out loud, "Hmmm, that's kind of crazy." Ben replies, "Yep, Siwwy me!" From the mouths of babes - a three year old's perspective of throwing up all over Mommy - siwwy him.

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