Monday, October 14, 2013

Five B Ranch

The Barrick family has been on the waiting list for a puppy from Five B Ranch for about seven months now, and today we had the opportunity to stop by on the way back from Grammy & Grandad’s house. We had such a good time and are even MORE excited about the day we will get to bring one of these awesome dogs home!

Gracie really liked Bindi Blue. She was a big, sweet girl who will hopefully be having her first litter this winter.

This little cutie is Bitzy Lou. She was a pup from Lisa’s summer litters that is going to be joining the breeding program when she’s all grown up.

My personal favorite Five B doggie is Mr. Bosco. Oh my goodness, I have never seen such a big dog!

Pictures do not do him justice. His head… that ginormous head. It was insane. He could not be sweeter, either. Noah was a little scared of him at first.

Once he figured out how gentle he was, he just wanted to give him treats...

…and maybe take him for a walk. (We all thought it was best to veto that idea.)

Lisa has two breeding males, but I’m really hoping we get to bring home a little Bosco boy. I mean, seriously, how fantastic is he?!

Be on the look out for the new Barrick boy – hopefully coming to our family sometime in the next year. :)

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