Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Guadalupe River State Park

While I was at work & Noah was vacationing in Louisiana, Brian took the bigs to play at the State Park near our house. It’s been years since we’ve been – I’d sort of forgotten that this gem is just 30 minutes down the road from us.
I’m sad I didn’t get to join them, but I loved the pictures Bri took. They remind my why I love the Texas Hill Country so much. You would have to drag me away from here kicking and screaming. Just beautiful!
This portion of the Guadalupe maxes out at about 2 feet deep and it’s very calm – perfect for the gremlins to wade around, play & explore.
Ben was better at the exploring, while Grace was concentrating on the playing.
If your brother is ignoring you, just shoot him  in the booty. Ta daaaa!
Seriously – how pretty is this?! You have to look closely to see teeny Ben & Grace in front of the giant walls of rock.
My handsome big boy…
and my silly girl!
Sweet smiles & round bellies. :)
Yay for a fun day at the river with Daddy!

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