Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

This was the first year that Ben could actually go trick-or-treating on his own and he had a great time! We ordered him a Yoda costume and he was AHHH-DORABLE in it. We took him to SeaWorld in costume to see their Halloween festivities and people kept commenting about what a cute little Shrek he was. Seriously?
Halloween 07
Yoda or Shrek? You decide.
The Ivankovich Family invited us to their neighborhood on Halloween night. It was fun to have some friends to trick-or-treat with. The kids looked great in their costumes, although Ben was a little out of place. (I’m not 100% positive, but I’m pretty sure Dorothy’s third friend was the Tin Man and not Yoda/Shrek).
The Wizard of Oz... in a galaxy far, far away!

Ben turned out to be a trick-or-treating pro. He had no problems walking up to strange houses, and he wasn’t the least bit bothered by the older kids in (sometimes scary) costumes. I guess he figured he’d do whatever he had to do to get the candy. :)
He looks so big walking with his Daddy!
Our very first house - please excuse my rear end.
"Everyone we know is just GIVING away candy?"
Just checking... yep... candy is still in there.
Keep on keepin' on
What a fun night it was! Thank you to Mimi, Aaron & Josh for inviting us to spend it with you!

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