Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flying L Guest Ranch

Mom came to town for Labor Day weekend and we decided to try out a new area attraction while she was here. A number of my friends have mentioned visiting the Flying L Guest Ranch out in Bandera, TX. It is about an hour northwest of San Antonio and it has a water park on the property.
We didn’t stay at the ranch overnight (though that is now on our to-do list) but we really enjoyed the water park! It is the perfect size for the gremlins. They have a wave pool connected to a lazy river (always my favorite) and 3 water slides that all connect to a wading pool. There is also a volleyball net set up in a deeper pool and a mini-golf course. The best part about it is everything is pretty close together. You can have 1 kid on each of the three slides and pretty much see all of them at the same time. I’m sure this is a place we’ll visit again in the future!
Ben immediately took off for the wave pool, and then spent the majority of his time on the big water slide.
Gracie was a trip, as usual. She stayed close to her Sweetie, took special care with the placement of her beach chair, and did her fair share of sliding & swimming, too!
Noah spent the day just laying around & doing his best to conserve calories.
He has been looking a little thin lately.
It seems IMPOSSIBLE that this little boy was an underweight preemie just 5 short months ago.
The Barrick crew gives the Flying L water park two very pruney, water-logged thumbs up! We can’t wait to go back!

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