Monday, August 29, 2011

The Paci Cow

The time has come for Gracie Belle to say good-bye to one of her best friends, the paci. Now that she's in a big girl bed, she's gotten up a couple times during the night when her paci falls down between the wall and her mattress. It is not fun to have to stumble to her room and fish it out at 3 in the morning. We had a similar experience with Ben around the same age, so we decided that it was time for paci to move on. We talked to Gracie all week about saying good-bye to paci and getting to pick out a new "pet" (what she and Ben call stuffed animals). She told me she wanted a puppy dog, but Brian took her to the store tonight and she came back with a cow. "Paci Cow" as he is now affectionately known.

Here are some pictures of our momentous evening.

Here they are, her two favorite paci's

Enjoying them for the last time!

Oh, pacis, you have been so dear to me.
Tucking them inside Paci Cow

Getting some hugs from Paci Cow after he was all sewn up.

Paci Cow has some moves!

We're going to be great friends, Paci Cow!
For the most part, our evening was filled with giggles and smiles. Then Gracie climbed into bed and said, "Ok, Paci out." 

Um, sweetie, Mommy sewed up Paci Cow. He doesn't open anymore. Your paci is in Paci Cow's tummy... you can feel them and hug them... see?

No, lady, I do not see. Kindly remove my paci's from this ridiculous cow before I go and find the seam ripper myself. Whose idea was this cow, anyway?  
(Ok, so she didn't say those things... but it's what she was thinking.)
A little upset with Paci Cow
 I then spent approximately 30 minutes making Paci Cow sing songs to Gracie. "Paci Cow says moo moo moo... Paci Cow says I love you!"
(I, like you, am mystified that my song writing has not yet received a Grammy Award).
My silliness won my sweet girl over and she made up with Paci Cow. She even requested that he have the prime spot in her bed, tucked with her under her blanket.

We'll get through this together, Paci Cow!

Requesting that I kiss Paci Cow "good-night"
 10 minutes (and no tears) later, she was passed out. I'm counting it a success!

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  1. YOU TOTALLY ROCK ( OH I MEAN SEW) Gabi.. Love your funny love songs to Gracie..if she wakes at 3am I hope Paci Cow doesn't need a tummy tuck undo!