Friday, February 5, 2010

Sick baby :(

Poor Gracie - she's been running a fever since Tuesday night. We took her in to the doctor on Thursday, but they couldn't tell us much. Chest clear, ears clear, snot clear...
I'm guessing she has a little stomach virus, because her spitting up (which she usually does a little after each meal) has reached epic proportions. She even let the Doctor have it. Blueberries. Sorry we stained your pants, M'am. I understand, as I am on my 3rd outfit of the day.
So, we're sticking close to home and she's getting lots of sleep and cuddles. Thankfully she responds to being under the weather by sleeping MORE and not less. I got her up this morning, fed her, then sat her on the floor to play. I walked into the kitchen to fix Ben's cereal, and when I came back to get her, this is how I found her.

Mommy, I don't feel so well...

She reminds me of how another little one I know acts when he's sick. Like brother, like sister.

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