Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ben at 21 months

21 mo
I don’t know what it is about Ben’s 21 month picture, but he looks like a little MAN! The past few months haven’t been filled with lots of big milestones. Instead, we’ve witnessed subtle changes in behavior that are moving my little guy right out of babyhood and on to bigger and better things.
It has been fun to watch Ben become a play mate – both at school and with friends and neighbors. He is learning to share and take turns and think of others’ feelings. When Ben does play, he is all boy… there are lots of wrestling moves and running and jumping and karate chopping around our house. Ben does not know how to just walk across a room. It always involves a roll or a leap or a crazy gymnastic ninja kick of some sort. Despite his rough and tumble ways, Ben is still SOOOO sweet and snuggly. He is just the most affectionate little guy. He wants to hug and kiss everyone. He does NOT take into account whether or not they want to be hugged and kissed. Hopefully he’ll reign this behavior in as he gets older. I personally do not mind as I cannot get enough of his hugs and kisses!
It’s hard to believe that Ben’s 2nd birthday is just around the corner. We are looking forward to planning his party and participating in lots of summer activities over the next few months!

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