Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ben at 15 Months

15 mo
Our little bit is 15 months old! That’s a lot of months! Here is a quick update on what he’s been up to:

He saw Dr. Martin just after his 1st birthday and he weighed in at 24 pounds!

He spent a week in July at Grammy and Grandad’s house in Gilmer ALL BY HIMSELF! (Which meant that Bri and I were ALL BY OURSELVES!)

Ben got his 1st haircut at Great Clips on August 8th. He was very patient right up until the end – we were very proud and a little sad because his new haircut makes him look even older!

Ben started a new class at Grace Point MDO on August 28th. In his new room, they go to the playground, do crafts, and sing songs. They also eat lunch together at a little table and take their naps on mats on the floor. SOOO cute!

Ben said his 1st word in september – "uh oh”. He uses it when he drops something, or when he throws something, or when someone else drops or throws something. It’s just a fun word to say!

Ben continues to LOVE playing with Tanner next door. They are truly best buds! Ben also gets SOOO excited when he sees Aaron, and he always runs to him to get hugs. :)

Ben is also turning into a great little helper. He follows me around the house and is especially interested in the dishwasher and washer & dryer.

We love our little 15 month old! He is definitely speeding right out of babyhood and becoming a full fledged toddler right before our eyes!

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