Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

Did you know that one day a year Ben & Jerry's gives away FREE ice cream?! Well, they do. This year it was on April 17th, so we headed down to the River Walk to get our free scoops. We anticipated long lines, but we didn't have to wait at all. I guess it's because we went in the late afternoon. Sure, we probably paid more for gas and downtown parking than we would have paid for a pint of B&J at Wal-mart, but this was much more festive. Plus, the we got a balloon and a walk through the park along with our ice cream. :)

We parked next to this park and had a nice walk down
to Ben & Jerry's!

Super excited about his balloon!

Worried about the stranger holding the
camera, or perhaps sad that the ice cream
is all gone!


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